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Introducing a smarter solution for die casting: equipment and lubricant, product and expertise – all from one source. Quaker Houghton has brought together both sides of the die casting world to make die casting smarter, faster, more cost-effective, and more intelligent. This is DieCast iQ™.

Smart starts here.
A more intelligent approach to die casting from Quaker Houghton.
We’re rethinking die casting.

The world of die casting is rapidly evolving. Structural aluminum castings are now being adopted in higher volume, smart technology is weaving its way through our industry, and digitized processes are the way forward. More intelligent die casting is necessary to improve productivity, efficiency and quality, reduce costs and enhance sustainability.

At Quaker Houghton, we’re delivering process and lubrication solutions together to drive manufacturing change in high pressure aluminum die casting from start to finish. Our global team of die casting professionals and metalworking experts work with you to find the best solutions to optimize your process. This is intelligent die casting. This is DieCast iQ™.

DieCast iQ™ at a glance.
  • Complete single-source solution for die casting lubricants, equipment and ancillary products
  • Start-to-finish die casting process support, from plunger lubricants to porosity sealing
  • Global team of die casting professionals and experts
Whatever the challenge, we have the solution

DieCast iQ™ is the end-to-end solution for intelligent die casting. We support with the complete solution throughout the die casting process. That means whether it’s die lubricants, die casting equipment, fire resistant hydraulic fluids, metalworking or porosity sealing, we have it covered. By bringing the complete die casting solution together, we ensure that we meet your needs, and meet them intelligently.

Drive efficiency

As engineers push new boundaries in design, die cast components are becoming increasingly complex. From shock towers, e-motor housings, battery housings, engine blocks and more, we increase efficiency when casting these components, allowing you to drive production, reduce scrap, and be more sustainable in the process.

Maximize performance

From hydraulic fluids and plunger lubricants to our water-based lubricants with Smart Polymer technology and patented water-free electrostatic solution Lubrolene®, we help maximize die casting performance. Our experts will help you get better die lubricant coverage, and optimize processes to achieve a consistent, uniform die release.


Lighter, thinner walled castings through to large, one-piece structural castings are a necessity to lightweighting and automotive manufacturing. Our water-free electrostatic lubricants and electrostatic spray equipment combined together can be used with all die casting machines right up to the latest generation of >4,500T machines. We help you cast ever-larger, ever-more complex components faster, without compromising on quality.

One single-source solution

Whether you are looking for better performance, efficiency gains, improving your sustainability credentials or otherwise, we can help you through our intelligent die casting solutions. We are your complete die casting solutions partner for die release lubricants, die lubricant mixing and application systems, plunger lubricants, fire resistant hydraulics and metal removal fluids.

DieCast iQ™ Digital Playbook

Die casting is rapidly evolving. Read our DieCast iQ™ Playbook to find out what’s changing in die casting, including the landscape of lubricants, equipment solutions, digital technologies, AI and more, and what the future holds for die casters and foundries.

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